Code Alarm & Chapman Replacement Remote Buyers Guide:

hen trying to find the exact Code Alarm or Chapman replacement remote you need, knowing the model number of the Code Alarm or Chapman system that's installed in your vehicle is generally needed and the quickest way to find a remote (for example: CA-530 or CA-5153 etc.) you just can't go by how the remote looks for many models!

The model number of the Code Alarm or Chapman system would be indicated in the systems owners/operators manual or can also be found on the systems control module itself, but you would have to take the drivers' side dash down to find it. But there's also another way...

If you don't know the model number of the Code Alarm or Chapman system that's installed in your vehicle and you have an existing remote to the system, all you have to do is make sure that the FCC ID Numbers and/or Letters on the back of your existing remotes case matches the new replacement remotes FCC ID number and that the amount of buttons on each remote matches. That's it, it will work.

Additionally, The Code Alarm Company (Owned by Audiovox) is making new remotes for older systems so the remote you receive may look slightly different than your original and have a different new FCC ID but will still program and work the same.

Programming a Code Alarm or Chapman Replacement Remote:

rogramming a remote to your system using the instructions included with every remote requires that you know where the systems programming button
is located, its also known as a "emergency override" or "valet" button. This push-button is commonly found under the drivers side dash area, mounted on a bracket or sticking out thru a hole drilled thru a panel...

Many newer model Code Alarm systems have this button built into the systems antenna that's commonly mounted on the windshield directly behind the rear view mirror. As long as you know where this button is, you should be able to program the remote without any problems or assistance, but we do have tech support help available if you need it.

Click HERE to find and buy a Code Alarm replacement remote from a factory authorized dealer or call: 1-810-824-4112 to speak to a Code Alarm replacement remote specialist.

All Code Alarm replacement remotes provided by an authorized dealer include programming instructions, a 1 year warranty and free USPS standard shipping with purchase.


CRCX-3 GOH-MM6-101890 
2 Button Remote

One Button Remote Starter Remote

F-20 F-50 F-55 GOH-FRDPC2002 or GOH-TSM-23 
2 Button Remote
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